IT’S A DOG’S WORLD was formed in 1998 by Audrey Bloxham and Toni Pearce (mother and daughter for those of you who don’t know) for the purpose of providing agility training, and sponsoring NADAC agility trials

Starting with a small trial held at a friends acreage in the Springbank area IT’S A DOG’S WORLD has gone on to holding 4 trials per year, as well as a NADAC fundraiser trial, and has sponsored a NADAC judging clinic which has expanded the base of judges in our area.

IT’S A DOG’S WORLD has a prestigious group of instructors who provide excellent instruction for our students. The members and students who come up through the instruction program at It’s a Dog’s World are highly regarded as some of the most consistent and accomplished teams competing in NADAC Agility today.

We’re very proud of our instructors:

Audrey Bloxham, Toni Pearce, Candice Malvin, Keri Daun, Nancy King, Lorne McGee and Kelvin Gray